Sunday, September 20, 2009

Slater Family/ Warsaw Family Photographer

Oh how I LOVE this family! Carley and I traded family sessions this weekend. I was so excited to get OUR family photos taken (post to come soon) but even more excited to see Carley, David and cutie pie Cohen! Carley, I love hanging out with our little families! I remember dreaming about these days (before you and David were even married!), we would talk about what our kids names would be and how life would be! I think its better than we expected! :) Oh and our kids are even cuter than we imagined!! Love you guys and miss you already!

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Carley K. Slater said...

you made me tear up a little....i miss you guys and we need to do this more often. everytime we get together, i always think....why don't we do this all the time. we need to make it a priority! =) love ya girl!