Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinking Spring!!! | Fort Wayne Children & Family Photographer

So we are trying really hard to think spring around here! I know we have a ways to go but I girl can wish! I'm so tired of snow and sickness and cold, windy days! I can't wait to be able to get out and meet a client at the park or downtown for a session.. Oh how I'm dreaming! Well my friend Erin is dreaming as well, so we dressed up her three adorable kiddos and took them downtown to the Grand Wayne Center and tried really hard to THINK SPRING! Hopefully they will help you start thinking spring as well! Spring sessions are booking really fast so if you ARE thinking spring be sure to get a hold of me asap! Oh and by the way today is the last day to sign up to win the free maternity session! I will announce one lucky winner tomorrow morning!! Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

All the Pregnant Ladies!

So I have decided to open the contest to anyone that will be 32-37 weeks by May 1st! So Go over to my facebook fan page and leave a comment! I will announce the winner on Monday morning!! Good Luck!!

Beautiful Blog Award


I feel so honored that Ashley from Sommer Family blog nominated me for the beautiful Blog award!! Thank you Ashley, for reading my blog and also for thinking of me for this award! While I normally don't do a lot of blogging except for special announcements and previews I thought this would be kind of fun to do!

So here is part of the award that I thought might be kind of fun to do...

1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award

2. Pass this award on to 5 blogs that you think are fantastic

3. contact blogs and let them know they've won

4. state 7 interesting things about yourself

Here are 7 interesting things about me...

1.) I have a HUGE family. I don't know that I have ever found anyone that has a bigger family than I do. My mom is one of 13 brothers and sisters, all are married and have at least two kids but most have 3 or more. So in total I think (family members don't be upset if I'm wrong) that I have like 60 1st cousins and that doesn't include any of their spouses or children... Get togethers are INSANE, but normally pretty fun.

2.) I LOVE to decorate my house, but I get ALMOST done and then I can't finish it. It's like I get some kind of brain block and can't finish my vision. It drives me crazy but in every room in my house there is something that I feel needs finished but I just can't do it...

3.) I didn't always want to be a photographer. My dream even as a little girl was to be a Realtor. I have always loved photography but never felt like I was good enough to charge people to take their photos. When I was 24 I got my Real Estate License and honestly hated it. I liked that marketing part of it but the rest not so much. (well besides getting to look at the inside of peoples houses) So I did it for a year and decided it wasn't for me!?

4.) I can stick my WHOLE fist in my mouth :) Don't ask me how I figured out I could do that because I have NO clue, but it's kinda freaky!

5.) We are the A family. My husband is Andrew, I'm Abby, my daughter is Alivia and our dog is Adler. Our little guy that is due in June will be the odd ball because we didn't try and have all A names it just happened. We are not planning to keep the A's going..

6.) Wow this is harder than I thought! ummm... Shopping is my downfall. I LOVE to shop. Since my husband and I got married I have been so much better but now if I see something cute for my kids, it's almost impossible for me NOT to buy it! I would say its a good thing I'm having a boy but so far I have been finding that little boy stuff can be pretty fun too!

7.) If my husband would go, I would move to a warm state (Florida) tomorrow. I HATE being cold. I don't ever really think snow is pretty, the wind, just the whole thing. I think 70 is chilly and really prefer 90+! My husband however loves the seasons and is always hot and really doesn't like it when it is over 70.. So in Indiana we will stay. But I'm praying as he gets older he gets colder and when our kids are grown we can pack up and at least head south for the winter!?

There you go 7 things about me! Not sure how interesting but that's all I've got folks!

Here are 5 blogs that I think are beautiful!

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Brandy J

A Life's Design

Have fun!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pregnant Ladies!!

Ok all you pregnant ladies out there this post is for you!! I just booked my own maternity session because we are going to have a baby boy in June!! I'm so excited about getting my photos done I thought I would pass along this excitement to you! So if you are due before May 1st you could win a FREE maternity session! So here is what you need to do do. Go to Lavish Memories Facebook page and become a fan and then leave a comment on the the post and I pick one lucky winner for a free session!! (winners outside of the Fort Wayne area and my travel area must pay the travel fee) Deadline is Sunday, Feb 28th at 10pm.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweetest little baby boy | Fort Wayne Newborn Photographer

Ok seriously, this little guy is soooo adorable!! Just look at his hair!! He was an alert little guy but with a little patience we got some pretty cute shots!! Hope you guys enjoy your preview and congrats again!